Students / Alumni

The online Recruiting System (ORS) is designed to bring together top employers with top talented graduates. The process of identifying and attracting top MBA, Management, Human Resource Management and Finance talent is made easy, quick and cost-effective.

For Students & Alumni

Through the Online Recruiting System, students and alumni can leverage and take advantage of our school's exclusive closed network of company partnerships.

For Employers

Through our Online Recruiting System, we are fascilitating Recruiters to find talent faster and more efficient through our offerings:
  • CV Database: You can easily search through our Electronically submitted Curriculum Vitae database.You can search by experience, academic background, keywords, and more!
  • Job Board: the perfect place to post job opportunities (full-time, part-time, summer, project based and unpaid internships) to current students and Alumni at no charge.
  • Purchase a CV Book of our graduates every year
  • Online requests to participate in Career day events
  • Online request for on-campus Interview Visits