My Internship Experience

The HR department maintains a key role in the success of a business or organization as handling the most valuable asset of a company – its people. I decided to study it because I believe I have the right skills for this field which I have the chance to further empower and develop through my studies here in CIIM.


My career goal is to work in a leading and well-known firm with very high standards of professionalism and make use of all knowledge and experience gained to become a successful HR manager. I enjoy traveling very much as it gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different culture and lifestyle obtaining a broader view of the outside world.


My overall internship experience with CTC in HR department was really wonderful and I have learned quite a lot in relation with its role and responsibilities. I had the chance to apply what I have been taught into practical use in real life scenarios which helped me a lot to better understand the various policies and procedures.


Important also was the fact that I had gained experience in some other key areas and I obtained a wide view of the company’s operations. The culture of the company was very good and the working conditions pretty much ideal. I received a lot of support and guidance from my manager and colleagues whenever was required and I was feeling very comfortable and confident when performing the tasks assigned to me.


By meeting and interacting with real professional people within and outside the respective organization I had developed a good understanding of their way of thinking and their way of doing business, using some as a point of reference and measure of my current knowledge and awareness of the skills needed to become a true professional in my field and I also identified the areas in need of improvement in order to achieve that.


Anastasia Christofi

MSc Human Resource Management and Organisation Behaviour