Invest Cyprus announces the official launch of its newest initiative “Invest Career”

Invest Career aims at contributing to the decrease of unemployment and at attracting high quality human talent to Cyprus, especially Cypriot expatriates who would consider relocating back to Cyprus and are unaware of employment opportunities, while at the same time helping investors and businesses satisfy their recruitment needs and expand their activities in Cyprus.

Aiming at the best possible result, the platform gives its members the opportunity to build their profile on the basis of specific criteria, resulting in immediate and accurate matches of potential employees and employers, based not only on skills and expertise, but also on elements such as estimated time of availability to relocate to Cyprus/start a new job and desired remuneration levels. When a match occurs, the platform sends notifications to both parties, thus giving them the opportunity to identify the best options at any given moment and target specific jobs and industries (when referring to professionals) and specific candidates (when referring to companies).

Please note that participation at the platform is cost free for both companies and professionals.

Registration can be done online at the following link: